Fake Login Pages a Serious Threat

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Fake Login Pages a Serious Threat

Fake login pages are becoming more common, and this is a very serious problem. These web pages are used by attackers to obtain login information to your bank accounts, emails and social media sites. These pages are very realistic because they mimic the appearance of the actual brand, so consumers can easily fall for it and use it to login to their personal accounts. It’s very possible for anyone to fall into this trap because it’s hard to detect fake login pages when they are created so perfectly.

It would take an expert to realize that the login page is fake because they are created identical to that of the original brand. Attackers are getting better and better at imitating brands and use these login pages as a means for launching phishing attacks. Unsuspecting victims do not recognize that the page is fake and continue by typing in their private login passwords and information. This is a serious threat that is very problematic both for consumers and brands and starts with the appearance of an email, which looks as though it is coming from a trusted source like your bank, for example. This email will convince the recipient to enter their information into the fake login page, which can either be embedded with the body of that email or can be part of a phishing website. Once the recipient’s credentials are entered, the attacker can then log into all of the consumer’s accounts because they now have every piece of information they need.

Once the attacker logs into these accounts, they can proceed with identity theft, data theft, illegal wire transfers and credit card fraud. This is why fake login pages are so dangerous, and in addition to all this illegal activity, this type of phishing is unfortunately very successful because of how legitimate it seems. Inattentiveness will lead recipients to enter their information because it’s hard to spot any irregularities unless you pay very close attention, which most people do not take the time to do. These types of fake emails are also making it past secure gateways and spam filters because the content is modified, so it can create hundreds of versions of the same phishing email.

While it’s challenging to detect this type of activity, it is important that you are alert when logging into your personal accounts and employee testing and training is a must as it will teach everyone to be more attentive. Proper training is an effective defense measure that will make a difference, and Networkfix can help in this regard. We specialize in business IT solutions and services, so if you have been looking for reputable IT support companies, look no further because we can help you eliminate this threat. If you are in the Brampton or Mississauga areas, contact us today!