Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Wherever your business is located  in Brampton or Mississauga , you need a strategic information backup and disaster recovery system to help you stay afloat in bad times. If you’re worried about what might happen to your business during the unexpected, we can ease them today.

Networkfix gives business owners in Mississauga and Brampton peace of mind with reliable comport hard drive backup and disaster recovery that will protect them should the unexpected occur.

With this solution, you get:

 Speedy recovery with the help of Data Backup in the event of a disaster or other accident
 Data security with the Backup and Recovery plans, which will cover everything from consumer information to email
 Strong organization for Business Continuity, which allows you to stop stressing regarding things that you have no control over
 All types of devices and systems :From simple recoveries like mp3 players, laptops and hard drives to more complicated VMware, RAID and even database systems.
 All causes and types of data loss : From the most simple of data loss to the most catastrophic and complicated data loss situations we have you covered.
 All types of media: Including memory cards, PDAs, MP3, tapes, Flash, digital cameras, and solid state media and many more.