Web Hosting

What is web hosting and how does it work?

Web/website hosting is the activity or business services of providing storage space and access for websites and is an integral part of an organization’s online presence.

At its core, it is a hosting service which allows individuals and businesses to make their website viewable on the internet. This is done through a web hosting services provider who offers the necessary technology in order to enable the page to be posted online. These websites and web pages are stored and hosted via special computers called Servers that are backbone with high-end data center having an uptime of 99.98%. The servers can be located anywhere- either in your workspace (onsite) or in a remote location (offsite). A sites load much faster when your website is hosted to the nearest data center of your business location.

Whenever your customers, clients or other businesses want to see your website, all they have to do is type in your site’s domain name. This would connect their computer to your server and your site would be immediately delivered onto their browser.

What makes NetworkFix web hosting unique?

NetworkFix is a leading web hosting company in Canada. We offer a plethora of web services at an extremely affordable cost. These include:

We use numerous programming languages like Python, CGI, ASP, and PHP v5 to encrypt and code your pages onto our servers.

Our database are powered by dual core processors and have a high storage space. The digital architecture is state-of-the-art.

Our web hosting package includes business e-mail hosting, domain registration, DNS management, path forwarding, URL masking, and anti-virus protection. Entailing all of these services as a single product helps save cost.

We provide multiple extra features like:

– Unlimited sub domains.
– Web access via any device.
– Custom MIME types.
– Dedicated IP add-ons.
– File Manager.
– SSL Manager.
– Unlimited FTP users.
– Access to raw logs.
– Bandwidth report.
– Custom error pages.

Additionally, you will also gain access to our comprehensive knowledge base which will take care of any questions that you might have about the exact processes we follow.

We deliver both, efficient web designs and effective security solutions which are customized to suit your requirements, right at your doorstep.

Our fully qualified and dedicated team of experts is available 24 x 7 to rectify any issues which might arise. They consistently monitor the servers and make the necessary changes to ensure that your experience remains seamless.

What type of Hosting Services do I Need?

Depending on your website requirements you can choose either a Linux hosting or Windows hosting. These days, Cloud, SSD, VPS, or a Dedicated Server Hosting are best types of web hosting for medium to large enterprise who drives high-end traffic to their website without getting server crash or DDOS.

At NetworkFix we’re committed to offering you the best web hosting services so that your web presence remains productive and user-friendly. All you need to do is contact us, to get a customized plan to begin empowering your business online with a single click!