Server and Network Repair Brampton

Server and Network Repair Brampton

If the hardware infrastructure is the backbone of your computer network, then the server acts as the heart of that network.

What is a Server?

A Server is a computer that is dedicated to processing requests and commands, and delivering information to another computer or device, either over the internet or a Local Area Network (LAN).

When most people think of a server, they are thinking of a web server which allows you to access web pages on the internet from a particular website.

However, there are many different types of servers.

Types of Servers

There are a wide variety of server types, that provide different functions for different purposes.

Some of the most common types of servers, include:

  • Web server
  • Application server
  • Proxy server
  • Audio/video server
  • Mail server
  • Chat server
  • Virtual server
  • FTP server
  • Telnet server
  • File server

Web Server

A web server is responsible for providing static web pages to your browser by loading data from a disk, transferring it over to your network, and then providing it to the end user’s browser.

This communication is achieved using HTTP, which stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. Data is exchanged through HTML format, which is basically a system that is used to convert human language to computer language.

Application Server

An application server is often referred to as middleware, or software glue. It acts as an intermediary between database servers and end user devices, providing a bridge between the two.

The main difference between a web server and an application server is functionality. While a web server communicates strictly through HTTP requests, an application server can offer functional business logic through a variety of protocols.

Proxy Server

Proxy servers can be used to act as a firewall, to filter data coming from the web. 

Proxy servers can also be used to share an internet connection over a LAN, disguise the IP address for a user device, or access blocked websites. It can be used to redirect web browsing activity.

Audio/Video Server

An audio/video server is typically used to receive, deliver, and store video and multimedia files. It can be used to stream and broadcast multimedia content.

Mail Server

Mail servers are used to send and receive e-mails over corporate networks through your Local Area Network, Wide Area Network (WAN), or over the internet.

Different protocols are used for incoming and outgoing mail requests. SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is used for outgoing emails. Either IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) of POP3 (Post Office Protocol) are used for incoming messages.

Chat Server

A chat server facilitates real time messaging capabilities between end users. This service is very beneficial for in-house communication between employees.

Virtual Server 

A virtual server can be configured to operate just like a physical server in its function. The difference being that it is typically run from an offsite location, and multiple users can have access to control it.

It basically involves taking a physical server, replicating it multiple times, so each virtual server can have its own operating system.

Virtual servers are widely prevalent these days for businesses that handle a lot of data.

FTP Server

A File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server offers secure file transfer between devices. An FTP server offers an effective means of storing and receiving large files for employee access.

Telnet Server

A telnet server is an excellent tool for employees working remotely. Users can log on from any location and have access to the LAN to work from home or on the road.

File Server

A file server involves a dedicated computer that acts as a database to store and manage files that can be accessed by anyone logged into the network.

Server and Network Repair Brampton

Whatever type of server you may be using for your business, you want to make sure it is up and functional at all times to prevent the loss of data and productivity.

Networkfix Inc. offers repair and maintenance services for all your company user devices, connections, and servers.

Server downtime or network issues can seriously impede employee output and customer satisfaction. A well designed and maintained network will experience fewer issues, minimizing the need for repair.

Whether you could benefit from an evaluation of your current network setup, or are looking to fix a specific problem, the expert server technicians at Networkfix can offer effective solutions.

Some typical server or network problems, might be characterized by:

  • Slow running computers or devices
  • Random shut-downs or computer crashes
  • Frozen screens
  • No internet connection
  • Viruses, malware, or spyware
  • Software issues
  • Hardware problems
  • Total system crash