IP Phone Systems

VoIP Phone Systems

Are you tired of shelling out an inordinate amount of money to pay telephone bills?

Is your current communication network difficult to maintain?

Are you looking for greater mobility, better services, and call efficiency?

If the answer to these questions is in the affirmative, it is time to switch your telephone network!

As compared to the everyday hassles which accompany public networks, IP phones provide an enormous amount of leeway. This is one of the reasons why a lot of businesses are steadily making the transition towards IP phones, which are, in turn, working towards enhancing their reach. By understanding how this technology really functions, you can easily use it to gain access to an expanded customer base!

IP phones primarily work on the principle of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). In this, the voice calls are converted into small data packets which use public or private internet networks to travel from one point to another. An IP service allows you to make calls across a broad spectrum of devices like landlines, cell phones, and computers. All you need is an IP telephone adapter!

Gauging the numerous advantages associated with IP phones, NetworkFix has partnered with the industry leaders, to take care of all your phone system needs. Whether you seek a digital system, an analog network, or advanced unified communications, we will ensure that you get nothing but the best.

Here is how our IP phone systems will help you grow:

You will incur lesser expenses by having to manage just one network. It will be easy to add, reduce, change or move phone extensions and locations, which would give your business immense flexibility.

Your workforce can use the communication system from anywhere. This would directly result into improved productivity as geographical proximity would become a vestigial requirement.

Being a wireless tool, your data network would be as easily accessible from the warehouse as it would be from the sales floor. More so, it will instantly connect your employees to all the valuable data resources like customer information and client profiles.

Your business would gain from enhanced collaboration as your workforce would be able to connect using simple instruments like video chat, instant messaging or web conferencing. This would all be routed via a single interface.

Our IP phones are loaded with features like caller ID, anonymous call rejection, speed dial, call transfer, 3-way call, MS outlook integration, schedulers, telecommuter access and much more, which would help bolster your company’s functionality.

With our secure and efficient networks to facilitate your public and private interactions, your organization is bound to progress.

Communication, after all, is the key to running a successful business!