Security Camera Installation

Security Camera Installation

Having security cameras installed in the workplace for video surveillance can be extremely beneficial for many reasons.

Most businesses go to great lengths to ensure that their data and employee records are adequately protected from theft and fraud.

But, what about the physical assets of your business? Are they being sufficiently protected?

In a data and information based economy, it can be easy to overlook the need to protect your hardware.

However, losing user devices, cables, or other pieces of the network infrastructure can disrupt productivity and have various negative effects on the efficiency of your business. It can also compromise the security of your entire network.

Security camera installation can help protect your physical assets against theft, and can also have prevent fraudulent and illegal activity on the premises.

Security Camera Features

There are many different features and set ups to choose from when it comes to protecting your business with video surveillance.

Some security features available, are:

  • CCTV Cameras
  • Network or IP Cameras
  • Wireless security systems
  • Remote access 
  • Video recording
  • Surveillance coverage for multiple locations
  • Card protected access
  • Night vision cameras
  • HD cameras

Security Camera Set Up and Training

An accomplished and experienced security camera provider, like Networkfix Inc. will work with you every step of the way, from installation details to operating the system effectively.

An expert surveillance camera technician can assist with:

  • Potential risks and threats based on type of business and operating procedures
  • Staying on budget while receiving optimal coverage and protection
  • Determining which type of surveillance equipment will be most effective for your space
  • Ensuring cameras are installed in discreet and inobtrusive locations
  • Full training for employees and staff to ensure everyone is familiar with how the system works
  • Ongoing maintenance and warranty to handle any issues or problems
  • Good value – quality equipment at an affordable price

Benefits of Security Camera Installation

There are many business advantages to having security cameras installed around the office.

Some of the greatest benefits, may include:

  • Deterrent for theft and crime
  • Monitoring workplace activity
  • Provides evidence in case of an incident
  • Solving disputes
  • Prevent fraudulent workers comp claims
  • Provides an accurate record of staff and visitor activity
  • Creates a safer work environment

Theft and Crime Deterrent

One of the biggest advantages video surveillance can have for your business is its ability to deter crime and theft from happening on the premises.

Just the sight of a security camera is often enough to scare off potential criminals or ill-intentioned employees or visitors.

No employer wants to think of their staff as possible thieves, but unfortunately it happens more often than you might think. Video surveillance not only acts as a deterrent, but also as an evidence collector should the need arise.

Activity Monitor

Video surveillance is excellent way to keep an eye on your business from wherever you are. This is very useful for when you are at home or traveling.

It is also beneficial for remote locations, for businesses with multiple offices or temporary offices that may move from place to place.

Evidence Provider

If something goes missing in the office, or there is unexplained disruption in the network, the video records can be consulted to provide an answer.

This can help nail down the time of the incident, what happened, and who was involved. This footage can also be used as evidence in court, should the situation come to that.

Solving Disputes

Video surveillance footage is excellent dispute resolver. The old “It wasn’t me” excuse will not hold up against video evidence.

This can be useful in the case of theft, and also for any incidents that may occur in the office, such as inter-employee disputes.

Preventing Fraudulent Claims

This is another scenario that employees likely don’t want to think about, but sometimes fraudulent claims are made about injury in order to receive workers compensation.

Paying an employee for being injured at work can be a huge expense in itself, and it can also raise your insurance premiums.

Security cameras can reduce fraudulent claims, and in many cases, lower your insurance premiums just because the cameras have been installed.

Records of Staff and Visitor Activity

Video surveillance is an effective way to keep accurate records of people coming and going from your office.

This can be useful to prevent staff from coming in late, leaving early, or taking extended and unauthorised breaks.

It is also helpful for knowing exactly who came into the building when, which can be accessed later if an incident occurs.

Creates a Safer Work Environment

Another huge benefit of security cameras is making the workplace safer and more secure.

You and your staff can rest easy knowing criminal activity is being deterred, and any incidents will be resolved effectively.