Email Spam Protection

Email Spam Protection

Most business communications these days occur through e-mails. Whether it is exchanging information, conducting a survey, undertaking marketing or general B2B/B2C interaction, e-mails have become a powerful tool to facilitate data transmission. Moreover, owing to their archiving capability, they also act as a warehouse of multiple documents which are essential for conducting successful business transactions.

However, despite the ease and simplicity associated with them, e-mails have turned into a target of multiple online attacks. These threats arise from various external sources and have the capacity to cause permanent and indefinite damage.

On an average, the cyber attacks on e-mails can be classified into four types. These are:

Malware – It is a software which is specially designed to cause damage and disruption while gaining unauthorized access to a computer system. They usually arrive in the form of e-mail attachments and begin disrupting your system right after they have been clicked upon.

virus – A virus is essentially a code which is capable of replicating itself. It is usually hidden under layers of standard data and is tough to recognize and identify. Nevertheless, it has numerous detrimental effects which primarily range from loss of information to corruption of the entire system.

Phishing – Phishing is an attempt to fraudulently obtain vital information like bank account numbers, credit card details, ATM pins and passwords. Disguised as a trustworthy entity, phishing threats tend to use this sensitive data for various malicious purposes.

Spam – Commonly referred to as ‘junk mail’, spam messages are generally unsolicited. They arrive in the inbox in bulk and contain links which direct one to websites hosting malware or virus. Spam messages end up increasing a business’s vulnerability.

Our expert technicians at NetworkFix offer full-fledged protection against all kinds of e-mail based risks. We accomplish this by:

 Offloading your server and securely storing the data for you.

 Streamlining processes to ensure that risk exposure is minimal.

 Using credible software to filter through and protect your e-mails.

 Indexing your mailboxes and providing easy access to important information.

 Safely archiving all your messages, folders, documents and attachments.

Apart from the above, we also provide a plethora of flexible protective options for you to choose from. Our professionals make sure that any threats to your e-mail are quickly identified and immediately removed.

With us, your mailboxes continue to stay safeguarded because we believe in utilizing precautionary strategies. As far as e-mail spam protection is concerned, prevention, for us, is better than cure!