Offsite Backup

Secure Offsite Backup

Data is currently the most valuable resource that a business possesses. It is, undoubtedly, a core element of the non-physical infrastructure which keeps an organization running.

Nonetheless, despite its importance, most companies tend to de-prioritize their data protection activities. Instead, they prefer to rely only on a single layer of security and unverified onsite backups. Considering the threats, human error,  and risks that are being posed to data every day, this is nothing but an unwise strategy.

In order to rectify this grievous error, NetworkFix Inc. has come up with a prudent and invulnerable solution – Offsite data backup.

A secure offsite backup (backup up data to a remote server) simply implies that your data is first encrypted, then compressed and finally transmitted to a security center which is located at a remote location.

Despite the geographical distance, your access to this data is continuously maintained. In the event of an emergency, you can retrieve it by simply using the internet. This doesn’t just ensure complete data recovery but it also helps ascertain that your business continuity is maintained with the least possible downtime.

Our offsite backup services enable you to:

 Safeguard your vital information in the case of an unforeseen event. This may be external like theft, fire, and natural disaster or internal like an outage, discrepancy, and mismanagement.

 Perform backup operations automatically and without any hassles. This would leave you with sufficient time to focus on more productive tasks.

 Avail the benefits of our cross-platform technology i.e. our ability to store data irrespective of the operating system or any other software differentials you might be using.

 Protect your data with additional layers of security via encrypted network connections so that your data privacy can be maintained and any potential data breach activity can be eliminated.

 Set your own data retention policies in such a way that you get to choose how it should be archived so that you can meet your operational and regulatory compliance requirements efficiently.

Get all the benefits associated with NetworkFix off site backup solution at an extremely affordable price as there is no additional hardware or software for you to purchase!

Except for the above, we also provide many additional features ranging from account management services and 24 x 7 tech support to centrally managed data centers and multiple databases.

More so, our offline backup solutions are customized to meet your specific business needs. At NetworkFix, we aspire to ensure that no matter what the extent of a disaster, your data-based infrastructure remains completely shielded.

After all, data storage is not just any other piece of information. It is the fulcrum upon which the success of your small business rests.