Server Relocation

IT Relocation Service

Relocating your company from one place to another is in itself a tedious job. It requires all the associated personnel to work in tandem with one another. Not only is relocation a function of close cooperation but it also requires complete coordination, focused leadership, and sufficient expertise.

But what happens when the relocation pertains to also move your entire IT infrastructure?

In this case, mere inter-sectoral collaboration is not enough. One has to look for a unique blend of construction skills and technical knowledge so that the planning, designing, budgeting, and management of the new IT workspace can be properly initiated.

This is where NetworkFix can be of assistance to you. Our track record of IT relocation accomplished within the allotted time and without causing any disruption to the client’s regular working practices has been phenomenal. Our primary aim is to ensure that your relocation is completed with little to no downtime.

In order to efficiently attain this goal, at NetworkFix, we provide the following server relocation services:

While you are shifting, we don’t just help you with IT infrastructure relocation, but we also provide data backup, storage, monitoring, and business continuity facilities to make certain that relocation does not cause a loss in productivity.

Our professionals harbor the logistical and technical capabilities of successfully carrying out server relocation projects of varying sizes. A team of supervisors personally oversees the de-commissioning and re-commissioning process so that the server migration is seamless.

We prepare a detailed relocation schedule which identifies various systemic inter-dependencies. This enables us to evaluate risks and plan for any sort of exigencies in advance. Before the actual move, we carry out a thorough scoping exercise to rectify potential errors.

Our experts undertake a comprehensive analysis of your IT assets and develop a blueprint on the basis of which they can be tracked after the move. Such activity of creating an asset inventory simplifies the relocation process by providing it flexibility, and adaptability.

The foundation of your IT infrastructure rests on the quality of cabling. We tailor our cable management services to suit the needs of your business. Be it desk cables, below the floor cables or even wireless networks, our teams make sure that your cabling remains structured and coherent.

Apart from the above, we also provide on-demand IT retrieval, reuse, and recycling services.

Whether you are shifting to a new office or making alterations within the old workspace, IT relocation service needs to be performed with the utmost care and precision. A single mistake can render the entire activity fruitless by causing a direct loss of revenue.

This is why it is important to choose a service provider who offers both, safety and security of movement. Get in touch with NetworkFix server relocation specialists.