Network Camera Installation Brampton

Network Camera Installation Brampton

If you are looking for a top of the line security solution to protect your business, then having network cameras installed is an ideal solution.

What is a Network Camera?

A network camera, also known as an IP camera, is an advanced type of surveillance camera that is linked directly into your network infrastructure.

You can think of a network camera as a technologically enhanced version of CCTV video surveillance. The main difference being that CCTV uses an analog system, while IP cameras use digital data streaming over the Local Area Network (LAN).

Advantages of Network Cameras over CCTV Surveillance Systems

There are several advantages to choosing IP security cameras over the analog CCTV system. The main advantage being the diffidence in capability of information transfer between the two. Network cameras offer more power and versatility than CCTV security.

Some advantages of networks cameras, include:

  • Picture quality and resolution
  • Flexibility
  • Analytics

Picture Quality and Resolution

With an IP camera surveillance system, you will have the option to connect your cameras directly to your network either with cables or wirelessly.

These cameras record footage at a higher resolution than CCTV, so if you need to zoom in on a particular image, it won’t be all blurry and you can actually make out the features of what you are trying to see.

Regardless of the quality of the actual camera, network cameras can just handle more visual information. In fact, IP cameras can deliver up to 6 times the resolution of a CCTV camera.


CCTV cameras must be connected directly to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder), to capture footage. This limits the number of cameras that can be connected to that DVR.

On the other hand, a network camera uses an NVR (Network Video Recorder) to record activity. This means each camera can be linked directly to the network with ethernet cables or a wireless connection. This cuts down huge on installation, cabling, and overall maintenance expenses.

IP cameras also have more range and scope, meaning fewer cameras are required to offer the same coverage.


Another advantage of network cameras over CCTV, is the ability to analyze the recorded footage and find a specific event more easily.

For example, let’s say there was an overnight robbery that occurred while no one was in the office. To find the incident on CCTV, you will likely have to watch through all the footage to find the episode in question.

With an IP camera system, you have the ability to search for a particular occurrence based on relevant parameters, such as motion detection or someone tampering with the camera.

IP Cameras for Enhanced Security Brampton

For business owners in Brampton and around the GTA, network cameras may be just what is needed to optimize security for your property.

Some compelling reasons to install network cameras, might include:

  • Comprehensive security
  • Loss and fraud prevention
  • Instant notifications
  • Efficient operations
  • Increased productivity and profits

Comprehensive Security

A network camera system can cover all of your security needs. Strategically placed cameras around the property can offer full protection for your valuable assets.

It helps protect against threats from outside, as well as inside, your business. 

Loss and Fraud Prevention

Property loss due to theft and fraudulent activity can seriously eat into your profits.

IP cameras can help keep employees honest and thieves out. They can also help prevent fraudulent claims for workers compensation due to injury in the workplace.

Property damage and vandalism can also be prevented and investigated with network camera monitoring.

Instant Notifications

You will have the ability to configure your network camera security system to provide immediate warnings, to any device of your choice, that will notify you about unauthorized activity or perceived threats.

This means quicker response times to resolve security issues. 

Efficient Operations

IP security cameras can help improve business operations by offering a cost effective security solution.

Although an IP camera may cost more up front than a CCTV camera, you will save in the end through efficient operation.

A larger field of view per camera and minimal equipment needed to run the system results in lower operation costs and less required maintenance.

Increased Productivity and Profits

Further adding to the efficiency benefits of a network camera security system, it can also help improve your bottom line.

Employees are less likely to slack off or take extended breaks if they know they are being monitored.

The combination of reduced security costs and enhanced productivity equals greater profits.