Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Is your company in dire need of quick and effective applications which perform well?

Does your business want to foster innovation and lower costs but still stay competitive?

Do you need affordable and accessible software solutions?

Cloud based services essentially include the delivery of basic computing resources like – virtual servers, cloud backups, databases, storage spaces, networking, analytics, and software – over the internet, commonly referred to as the ‘Cloud’.

Instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars to avail these resources in a conventional way, you only have to pay for the specific services which you use. In other words, by paying an almost inexpensive flat fee each month, you don’t just get to lower your operating costs but you also get to run your infrastructure in a more efficient manner!

Cloud computing services benefit your mid sized business in a plethora of ways. These include:

You eliminate the expenditure associated with setting up on-site data centres. For example, the cost of buying hardware and software, using round-the-clock electricity, hiring IT experts, and managing infrastructure can be simply done away with.

Your business becomes more responsive as a vast amount of data can be accessed within a short span. Irrespective of your geographic location, this can provide your company with the twin advantages of flexibility and scalability.

The productivity of your employees can be greatly enhanced. They don’t have to concern themselves with trivial tasks like software patching, hardware stacking or other such chores. Instead, they can focus on achieving the core business goals.

Your software infrastructure remains completely protected against potential threats. The technologies offered by cloud computing help strengthen security postures, reduce network latency and provide greater returns.

NetworkFix ensures that its cloud services provide your small businesses with an edge. We help you recognize which applications best suit your requirements and give you all the support you need to run and maintain them properly.

Our cloud service package includes:

e-mail security and archiving.

Building and deploying new apps and services.

Word processing, calendaring and spreadsheet.

Provision of secure storage space.

Safe backup and quick data recovery.

Sales automation software.

Additional layers of security.

All related upgrades and amendments.

Our cloud solutions are not just cost-effective but also time-sensitive. Moreover, with our global network connectivity, we help you meet international performance and compliance standards so that your business can continue to climb the ladders of success.

If you want to save costs, minimize resource use and maximize efficiency, our cloud services are the best way to help you achieve that.