Security Camera Installation

Security Camera Installation

In a world where safe spaces are increasingly becoming uncommon, protecting a business from all forms of threats and dangers is the topmost priority for most organizations. Though a lot of businesses devote sufficient time to safeguard their intangible assets, they expend almost no resources towards the protection of their tangible infrastructure. This creates major security gaps which have the capability of bringing a business to a standstill.

If you too are struggling with such issues, NetworkFix can do the job for you. With our cost-effective service of security camera installation, we make sure that all your vulnerabilities are efficiently taken care of.

Precisely for this purpose, we provide a variety of technical solutions which include:

Security cameras.
Network cameras.
Wireless video systems.
Remote viewing.
Wireless cameras.
Night cameras.
Mega Pixel cameras (HD+).
Video surveillance.
Network video recorders.
Digital video recorders.
PC and hybrid solutions
Card access integration.
Multi-location. surveillance.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We also ensure that you possess the know-how required for operating and maintaining these security products. Right from the moment you first contact us, our team of professionals vies to work with you on the following fronts-

We consult you in detail about the nature of your business and identify the prospective dangers which might prove harmful.

After thorough scrutiny, our team draws up a plan which considers both, your specific requirements and your budget.

We make a careful assessment of the various nooks and corners of your workspace and determine which instruments would be suitable to provide it with adequate cover.

Our skilled surveillance camera technician installs the security systems at the most appropriate places, without causing any interruption in your routine work.

We also provide full-fledged training to your workforce so that they can be familiar with these security camera systems.

If anything goes wrong, our extended warranty and inexpensive maintenance services will ensure that you incur no extra expenses.

All our systems are equipped with the latest technology which provides you the benefit of availing state-of-the-art service at a minimal cost.

Best of all, our surveillance cameras come with a large disk space which can store your recordings for a long period. More so, these recordings are available in both audio and video formats- are high quality and avant-garde.

Your security is our primary aim and we intend to provide you with nothing but the best.