Network Security

Network Security

Do you know that your business is susceptible to external intrusion and electronic theft?

Are you aware that your data is vulnerable to be exploited by unauthorized users?

Did you know that cyber attacks are the greatest threat to network security?

Computers and other technological systems are regularly involved in conducting communication and transactions with a host of different users including customers, clients, other businesses, and even the government.

However, most organizations remain unaware of the high risks they face every time they use the internet. These risks usually arise from external sources but there can be occasions when they are caused by internal errors. In either case, businesses tend to overlook these potential threats and instead rely on cheap and incompetent security solutions.

NetworkFix realizes that such blatant exposure to imminent dangers has the capacity to cause irreparable harm to your business. This is why we provide managed network security services with the basic aim of safeguarding your data, protecting your information and thus strengthening your business.

The security devices we offer fall under four categories. These are:

Active Devices – For example, Anti-virus scanning, content filtering, firewalls, and VPN security. These devices essentially sort through the surplus traffic, identify threats, and block them from entering your systems.

Passive Devices – The purpose of these devices is to recognize and report unauthorized or unwarranted traffic. These include intrusion detection appliances, security & vulnerability assessments, web filters, and traffic monitoring.

Preventive Devices – As the name itself suggests these devices are meant to scan the internet and identify potential threats so that preventive steps can be quickly taken. For instance, penetration testing, remote access, wireless security, and server monitoring are all examples of preventive devices.

Unified threat management – These devices tend to serve as the one-stop source for catering to all your security needs. For example, web caching, information security audits, and network monitoring.

With the aid and assistance of these instruments, we offer a varied range of security services to businesses of different sizes. Irrespective of whether you are a small business, a medium-sized enterprise or a large-scale organization, we don’t just enable you to protect your networks but also empower you to secure your critical assets and technical infrastructure.

In an era plagued by constant technological uncertainties, network security too can be a tricky ballgame. Therefore, it is important to know the credentials of those who you are handing the responsibility to. Our certified network administrators consist of experts and professionals who can help you comply with the GLBA, PCI, SOX, HIPAA and other regulatory requirements.

At NetworkFix, we ensures that your security remains unassailable and intact. Even our name vouches for it!