Email Migration to Cloud Exchange

Email Migration to Cloud Exchange

What is Cloud Exchange?

Cloud exchange is an email service that offers the benefit of cloud storage and information exchange without having to go through the internet. It offers an alternative solution for businesses that would like all the benefits of working in the cloud, but not the uncertainty of exchanging sensitive information online.

This is typically done over a Wide Area Network (WAN).

How does Cloud Exchange Work?

It offers a network solution for email exchange by plugging into an ethernet port to allow access to multiple cloud providers using virtual circuits over that single port.

These circuits can be configured to handle real time exchange, using a simple and convenient business process.

For example, you can go into the cloud exchange and set up a virtual circuit to one of your clients or colleagues, as long as they are a cloud provider. You can then set the parameters for that circuit based on your specifications.

Once the circuit has been created, you now have an open and secure line of communication to exchange data, files, and images that does not go through the internet.

This solves a major problem for businesses that are skeptical of using cloud services which are accessible over the internet.

What is Platform Equinix?

Equinix is the company that is providing this ground-breaking service that delivers data exchange in a cloud environment, without the downside of the public internet.

Platform Equinix is an innovative solution that provides seamless interconnectivity with multiple clouds, across a variety of networks, for accessing an array of resources, anywhere on the planet.

Up until the launch of this cloud exchange service, many corporations and businesses were concerned about not having a reliable and secure channel to exchange confidential information.

Now companies of all sizes have a direct route to practical and elaborate solutions for improving privacy, performance, and extending their market reach over the cloud.

Benefits of Email Migration to Cloud Exchange

There are a wide range of benefits for businesses that are looking for enhanced security while improving communication opportunities.

Some of the considerable advantages, may include:

  • Enhanced security
  • Improved reliability
  • Exceptional performance
  • Increased throughput
  • Extended reach

Enhanced Security

This may be the number one reason for businesses migrating to cloud exchange. 

With so many privacy breaches, and security issues on the internet these days, it is no wonder that enterprises are looking for a better solution for exchanging important information.

Businesses can now send data or applications from company data centres to an Equinix hub, over a secure line. From there, the data gets sent to its destination over a high-speed fiber optic line, providing both parties have an Equinix Cloud Exchange account.

Several big time telecom carriers are already using these cloud exchange services, due to the enhanced privacy features.

Improved Reliability

Equinix has a long history of establishing connections and providing customers with reliable communication ecosystems.

For over 15 years they have been helping businesses of all descriptions transfer information securely.

They currently offer over 975 networks, shared by more than 450 could service providers, exchanging information through 100 data centres, located all over the globe.

Businesses now have a dependable avenue for data exchange, without having to compromise on capability and performance.

Exceptional Performance

Tests performed in an Equinix test lab report a 145% performance increase of connections run through the cloud exchange, rather than over the internet.

This is mainly because companies no longer have to worry about sacrificing speed and performance for security.

Cloud exchange technology allows for simple management of multiple cloud exchange providers and services in real time, or very close to it.

The entire process is automated, saving you time, stress, and frustration.

Increased Throughput

Throughput refers to the amount of data, and the rate at which that data that can pass, through a system. 

In this case the system is cloud exchange, and the amount of data you want to send to send is up to your discretion.

If more bandwidth is required, you will have the option to dynamically increase the bandwidth as the need arises.

Extended Reach

Make yourself more visible and extend your client reach by setting up profiles on Cloud Exchange.

Members will have the option to create portal, marketplace, and forum profiles to connect with other members.

Portal Profile

This profile allows you to list and promote your services to potential customers.

Marketplace Profile

This profile helps match you with other relevant businesses, and offers maps and other lead generating tools.

Forum Profile

Almost like an open newsletter, this forum is for posting events, announcements, and other important information.

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