IT Services Toronto

Professionally managed IT and security services can be extremely beneficial for businesses of all sizes.

Whether you are currently building a new IT infrastructure for your business, updating an old one, or just looking for some expert advice, a professional IT company can provide effective solutions.

IT services are a necessary component of virtually any business, and you want to make sure you are getting good value for your money with those services.

Many businesses attempt to run technology upgrades and implement new IT strategies internally. This can be a sufficient approach if you have a team of technicians and certified experts in your employ.

However, most companies don’t have the luxury of hiring an in-house IT support team, mostly because it is just not practical or cost effective.

An alternative solution is to outsource any required IT services to a professional and experienced IT solution provider.

Professional IT Services Toronto

For businesses of all sizes in Toronto and the GTA, Networkfix is an IT solution and service provider that has been successfully implementing and maintaining a variety of IT services that can help companies maximize operations, while minimizing expenses.

Some of the IT services offered at Networkfix, include:

  • Cloud services
  • Server virtualization
  • Data backup
  • Email protection and migration
  • Server and network repair

Cloud Services

Businesses all over the world are moving more and more of their operations and resources to the cloud.

In addition to data storage and backup, some other cloud based services include virtual servers, software, and data analytics.

By moving these services to the cloud, businesses benefit by:

  • Increased productivity – no concern with manual software updates or hardware issues
  • Easy scalability – add and remove users easily
  • Accessibility – access data securely from any location with an internet connection
  • Enhanced security
  • Improved network performance

A professional IT company can help assess which cloud services would be most effective for your unique business needs.

Server Virtualization

This IT service can be extremely useful for streamlining operations and reducing the need for physical servers. This can help clear out office space for other uses and reduce energy costs.

Virtual servers also allow you to run several different operating systems simultaneously on multiple virtual machines.

Virtual servers are much easier to configure, maintain, and manage than their physical counterparts.

Data Backup

Company data is likely one of the most critical aspects of your business that needs to be managed and safeguarded effectively.

This includes backing up data in a safe and secure way, to prevent data loss or theft.

One of the most effective methods for managing data safely is through offsite data backup. This involves regular data backup to a remote location for added security.

Offsite data backup helps protect against unforeseen complications, like fire, theft, power outages, and data mismanagement.

Additional measures of security are employed, like encryption and compression, to provide ultimate protection.

Email Protection and Migration

Email is one of the primary methods of communication used by businesses around the globe. This massive popularity has made email one of the biggest targets for online attacks.

Email attacks generally come in the form of malware, spyware, viruses, and phishing scams.

IT companies can offer email protection against all these types of threats with secure data storage, software filters, mailbox indexing, and archiving.

If your business is looking to make the transition to cloud-based email services, like MS Office 365 or Cloud Exchange, then IT services can assist with the migration.

Server and Network Repair

A server crash is most business owners’ worst nightmare. Not only can it result in crucial data loss, it can also end up causing a lot of downtime for your business.

IT services can help by offering preventative maintenance and repairs for specific issues.

If you find the devices in your network are slow, freezing, or shutting down, it could be time for some server maintenance.

Managed IT Services Toronto

To take some of the worry and stress out of the IT management for your business, you can enlist the assistance of qualified IT professionals.

Managed IT services can help by offering:

  • Reduced expenses
  • Enhanced security
  • Access to diverse expertise
  • Crisis solution
  • Improved customer service

Reduced Expenses

Going with an IT service company means you only pay for the services you need, whenever you require them.

Enhanced Security

An experienced IT company can offer a variety of techniques and strategies to beef up security. They can assess your current network for weaknesses and deficiencies in the system that could result in a possible security breach.

Diverse Expertise

The IT services available from a professional company will offer an assortment of options, and access to a range of certified technicians, each with specialized skills.

Crisis Solution

IT service professionals can help reduce stress in a crisis by taking some of the pressure off. Due to a wealth of experience, they will know to handle the problem using proven techniques and methods.

Improved Customer Service

IT services can help consolidate communication services, both in office and outside of it, with your customers and clients.

Managed IT services give you more time to focus on important business aims, like customer satisfaction.

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