5 Steps to Follow for a Successful Data Center Migration

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5 Steps to Follow for a Successful Data Center Migration

The concept of data center migration is not restricted to shifting servers and plugging them at their new place; it is a wide and complex procedure that demands for proper planning and execution.

Missing out a single key step can turn into a disaster for the company. As a consequence, your important information can be lost, costly IT equipment can also be damaged resulting in zero productivity and revenue.

To avoid such undesirable circumstances and to ensure a successful data migration we have come up with an ultimate guide to the data center migration program that you can follow if when organization is planning for data relocation.

1. Planning
The entire transfer procedure of data server relocation is dependent on appropriate planning. In simple words you are shifting your system location from point A to point B. The hardware moving part is straightforward and simple but understanding the association and integration among the hardware, software, application, and business process is a challenge.

2. Measuring risk factors
As discussed above the main risk associated with this procedure is the loss of crucial data. Identify the risky areas and try to reduce it as much as possible. Depending on this research you can get a clear idea on the extent till which the company can bear the risk.

If the applications to be shifted are of high importance to the organization, then it is suggested to you to initiate trial relocation in a test atmosphere to make sure that the software is compatible with the new data center.

3. Regaining knowledge
It is a part of the planning procedure. While making the plan for data shifting you need to make sure that you are aware of everything that is happening with the computing environment.

Starting from internal reports to training manual everything should mandatorily be kept updated. If you do not have proper knowledge of the functionalities, you would not be able to recognize if any data goes missing during the migration project.

4. Ensuring everything is done accurately
A successful data relocation process highly depends on the logistics part. It is your responsibility to hire the right people, at the right place at the right time. Having a skilled logistics expert is essential for the successful completion of the project.

His role involves the proper management of the installation team, transportation team, packing team, unpacking team and the re-installation team. The overall management of the shifting process depends on him.

5. Management’s support
For a successful DCR protection, get support of the management. They should be informed about each and every step taken in the project so that they can contribute in reducing the obstacles in it.

Apart from this, they should also be aware of the expenses of this project so that they can keep stakeholders updated about it.

The overall procedure of data center relocation is complex and engages multiple steps that involves expert planning and plotting. Keeping in mind the above steps can help in for a smoother execution of the IT Support & Services in Mississauga and Brampton.